Your rubberised Mackintosh has been hand-made in the United Kingdom from the best materials and will afford complete protection from the heaviest downpour. To help you get the best wear the following are worth attention:

  • A Mackintosh is an easy fitting garment. Any belt should not be drawn too tight. 
  • To dry it, or when not in use, it should be hung in a cool airy place. Avoid high temperature i.e. radiators, fires, hot-water pipes or direct sun rays. 
  • Do not dry clean. 
  • Do not machine wash. 
  • Small stains can be removed with soap and water, never use spirit or any other chemical cleaners. Apply soap with a soft brush only. 

Traditional Rubberised natural material is un-supported; it has no cloth backing and is not laminated. The garments are designed for light use and if treated carefully will last many years. The weakest point on any garment is the seams, pockets and buttons where stress takes place. Eventually, most Rubberised garments will tear or separate in these areas. Hamilton Classics Rainwear is happy to repair damaged garments where possible and for this there is a small charge.

Return postage costs for repairs to damaged items must be covered by the customer.

 Please note: Garments must be taken out of the packaging as soon as possible and hung in a dry environment. Garments with black zips should always be hung and not folded as the ink in the zip can be drawn out and will mark. We do not accept garments back that have ink marks.

Malaysian rubber macks/gowns hanging these garments over time weakens the material and they eventually tear under the weight. We suggest these should be folded to prolong its life while all other types are better stored on a hanger.