Hamilton Classics Rainwear

Alterations & Bespoke Tailoring Services


We are currently able to offer the following Alteration services: 

Choose between a traditional Standard belt with fixed eyelets or a Sliding belt

Traditional Belt      – £25.00
Slide Belt                   – £15.00

All Cuffs are able to be shortened to your requirement 

Arm Lengths      – £10.00

All Mackintoshes & Capes can be shortened to your length requirements

Body Lengths      – £10.00

I am pleased to announce that Hamilton Classics is launching a Bespoke Tailoring Service later this year. Our  handmade bespoke Mackintosh, Cape or Rainsuit that has all the essential elements, elegance and style of a particular year, manufacturer or tailor-made to your design and specific requirements.

All our rain products are handmade in the United Kingdom with traditional environmentally friendly Rubberised materials and techniques. Therefore due to the amount of  time it takes, I am currently only able to accept two commissions a month. 

Please email me if you would be interested and I will keep your details on our system. as soon as any availability comes up I will contact you to confirm you are still interested and at that time be able to let you have an estimated date.  


Hamilton Classics Bespoke service entails:

1- Select your Product : Mackintosh, Cape, Rain-suite, Other

2 – Choose a Style: From our existing range of Vintage designs.

3- Select the weight: Light for summer, Medium or Heavy Winter fabric,

4- Colour & Fabric – Rubber Proofed Satin, Nylon, Silk, or Polyester

4. Resistant or Proof: Water Proofed items area also taped along seams to ensure No water ingress. 

5- Lined or Unlined: Natural Rubber on the outside or inside, Lined or unlined. 

6- Personalising accessories:  Fully personalise with choice of Lengths, Belts, pockets, and hats.

Please feel free to email me to arrange a consultation, Costs depend on your preferences and choices but can start from as little as £450.00

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