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Alterations & Bespoke Tailoring Services

I am pleased to announce that Hamilton Classics is launching a Bespoke Tailoring Service. Our  handmade bespoke Mackintosh, Cape or Rainsuit that has all the essential elements, elegance and style of a particular year, manufacturer or tailor-made to your design and specific requirements.

All our rain products are handmade in the United Kingdom with traditional environmentally friendly Rubberised materials and techniques. Therefore due to the amount of  time it takes, I am currently only able to accept two commissions a month. 

Hamilton Classics Bespoke service entails:

Style & Design

Begin with the style,  A wide range of designs are available, Including access to over 40 Vintage styles to assist.

Or ask Ayshea to assist with a unique personal design, From Neck to Hem. With Options from Single or double Breasted, Reglan or dolman?

Have an old tired favorite? Bring it along for a new copy made..


Choose a Range of material, Ranging from:


All Material have been Rubberised for protection against the English Weather.


Properly measurements are the difference to a truly bespoke Mackintosh or Cape and off the peg.

If your unsure why not have Ayshea assist with a personal measurement service?

Don't forget its the details that make a truly perfect Mackintosh or Cape.

Belts, Buckles and Ties

Choose between a traditional Standard belt with fixed eyelets or a Sliding belt.

Choose the method of attachment of the belt loops?


All Cuffs are available, from simple and clean to matching strap and buckle.

Hats & Hoods

A large selection of Hats, Hoods, bonnets are available. With many options:

Hoods can be attached to the mackintosh or cape or be detachable.

Can be with or without ties/straps.  
Single or double texture,
Rubberisation inside or out

to name a few


Choose with or without a Yoke? Back, Front or inside?

How long would you like yours? 

Stitching & Taping

All Mackintoshes are tightly stitched and water resistant, However How about going the extra mile? For those truly terrible days and have the seams taped as well? For that truly Water Proof result. 


Fastening & Vents

  • Fly front or exposed buttons
  • Button, zippered fastening or pop studs
  • Male or female fastening
  • Belt loops attached to mackintosh


  • Welt or separate (i.e. joined at opening) or  patch pockets
  • Arm slits or none on capes

1- Select your Product : Mackintosh, Cape, Rain-suite, Other

2 – Choose a Style: From our existing range of Vintage designs.

3- Select the weight: Light for summer, Medium or Heavy Winter fabric,

4- Colour & Fabric – Rubber Proofed Satin, Nylon, Silk, or Polyester

4. Resistant or Proof: Water Proofed items area also taped along seams to ensure No water ingress. 

5- Lined or Unlined: Natural Rubber on the outside or inside, Lined or unlined. 

6- Personalising accessories:  Fully personalise with choice of Lengths, Belts, pockets, and hats.

Please feel free to email me to arrange a consultation, Costs depend on your preferences and choices but can start from as little as £400.00

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