Hamilton Classics Rainwear

Any Issues?

Trade Descriptions Act:

Whilst every effort is made to describe Hamilton classics rainwear garments accurately sometimes articles sent to our customers will very somewhat from the photographs or descriptions in our brochure or website whenever this occurs it is for reasons beyond our control however any customer who is not satisfied with the goods can return them within 7 days for an immediate full refund subject to them being in new condition.

Unsupported rubber garments

Unsupported rubber goods will tear very easily although most customers learn to handle the material with care and consequently have many years wear from such items. If you therefore purchase such delicate items from us you must automatically accept there is this inherent risk. These items are checked prior to posting. Consequently we cannot undertake to either replace these goods or refund the purchase monies when damage has occurred whilst in the purchaser’s custody. Any creases in the received garment resulting from stock storage within the company should soon fall out with wear.


No garment will be posted without payment. Remittance must be set with order please make any checks or postal orders payable to Hamilton classics rainwear, bank transfer details are available on our website

Alterations and repairs

Alterations and repairs are available however new mackintoshes may be shortened at the time the order is placed at an extra cost sleeves without tabs can be shortened at an additional cost short and garments are not returnable for refund under any circumstances

Inquiries and queries

Inquiries and queries please feel free to call or email. 

Rubber mackintoshes

Rubber mackintoshes these garments are waterproof they not only prevent water coming in but will also prevent moisture getting out any dampeners evident on the inside of the Mackintosh is caused largely by condensation rather leakage through the garment

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